Teen Drivers

5 Things Teens Should Not Leave the House Without

Your child earning their driver’s license is often coupled with a variety of emotions. You feel proud that they reached this important life milestone and you might feel a little sad that your child has grown up so much. One of the most prominent emotions, however, is fear. You have heard the statistics that 16-year-old… Read More

Published on January 16, 2019
Young Children

Baby Proofing – What Not to Leave Home Without

Remember your car before you had kids? The sparkling windows that offered views unobscured by smudgy little fingerprints… the carpet that wasn’t adorned with mushed banana and ground-in crackers… the fresh, new-car aroma that wafted out to greet you when opened the door, rather than that mysterious funk that just doesn’t seem to go away,… Read More

Published on December 28, 2018