Safety Feature Discount

Safe choices means big rewards! We know safety is important to you when choosing a vehicle for your family. Our safety discounts come standard for customers who choose to drive cars with safety features like Bluetooth, daytime running lights, automated braking, blind spot warning, lane departure warning and backup cameras.

Multi Car Discount

More cars? More savings! Save up to 30% when you insure more than one vehicle with Apparent. When your kids start driving, your insurance needs change.

Multi Policy Discount

Looking for coverage that goes beyond your driveway? Bundle your auto, home, motorcycle and life insurance policies for an additional savings of up to 8%.

Good Student Discount

Higher grades means lower premiums. You’ve done a good job raising them… get rewarded for students with at least a ‘B’ average on your policy.

Student Away at School

Why should you pay more for a car that isn’t being driven? We’ll add a discount to your policy as long as your student is enrolled at school more than 100 miles away and doesn’t have the vehicle with them.

Spin-Off Policy

It’s time for your baby to leave the nest and get their own auto insurance policy.  They do not need to go too far to get their own Insurance. In fact, they can stay with Apparent and we will provide a discount to them for staying with us.

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