Little kids. Big benefits.

Hey there, multi-tasker master. Reading this while someone begs for snacks or screen time? We’ll keep it brief: you’ve got extremely precious cargo, and we’ve put a lot of thought into ways to make your life easier while keeping those mini-humans safe.

At this life stage, your plan could include the discounts and benefits below.

Car Seat & Stroller Replacement

If you’re in an accident, you have to throw away your car seat. We’ll reimburse you for a new one right away. Same goes if your stroller gets messed up, too.

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At-home Mechanic Services with YourMechanic

We know that getting your car to the shop with little ones in tow seems more daunting than scaling Mt. Everest. With YourMechanic the mechanic comes to you!

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Rental Car Match

If you’re in an accident, and your car is totaled or needs repairs, we’ll reimburse you for a rental car that’s as close to your primary car as we can get! If you drive a minivan or SUV, you get a minivan or SUV.

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Smart Roadside Assistance

If your vehicle has a breakdown, this nationwide digital roadside service intelligently matches you to the nearest available assistance. Get real-time updates and track arrival of the service provider on your smartphone. Plus, you can share your tracking link with family members to monitor your service progress.

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Plus these great discounts are available!

Multi-Car Discount
Save when you insure more than one car with us.

Multi-Policy Discount
Bundle up! You’ll save on each of your policies AND you’ll have everything you need.

Other Discounts