We are an insurance company designed for parents, by parents.

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As parents, we know better than anyone that life can be frenzied, confusing, and totally unpredictable. And as insurance professionals, we know that insurance can be dense, complicated, and universally frustrating.

We believed that insurance could do better. So we convinced our own parent company that it’d be a good idea to start an insurance company that truly caters to today’s parents. The result? Apparent Insurance.

We’re on a mission to make insurance work harder (but be easier) for parents of all kinds. We offer tailored features, discounts, and services designed specifically for different stages of your life as a family.

By collaborating with real parents to shape our company, we walk the talk. Together with this parent panel, we bring clarity and empathy to the convoluted insurance world, because goodness knows somebody needs to! And we happily welcome anyone who wants to join our Apparent family as we all navigate the joyful, terrifying, totally-worth-all-the-stress road of modern family life.