Life Insurance

A tip from a parent: bundle your Life, Auto, and/or Home policies to save up to 9%

Great! So how do I get started? There’s nothing like the knot in your stomach when, as a parent, you let yourself think about what would happen to your family should something awful happen to you. Life insurance is one of those things, like setting up a college fund or executing your will, that will make you feel so much better about the future of your family. You’ll know that debts, child care expenses, college, and more will be taken care of, if the worst happens.

Apparent has partnered with Homesite Life Insurance Program to provide a couple of options for you and your family.

Term Life Insurance is a quick, easy, and reasonably priced way to start building a financial safety net for those who depend on you. Term Life Insurance is advantageous for many age groups.

Children’s Life Insurance is a whole life policy that has guaranteed purchase options that allow the purchase of additional permanent life insurance on specified dates and life events as set forth in the policy, regardless of health or medical conditions. Plus, the policy accumulates cash value that your child can use in the future.

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