Renters Insurance

A tip from a parent: bundle your Renters and Auto policies to save up to 9%

Renters insurance is such a “dad” thing — you know, the practical, responsible things to do, like staying on top of your taxes and checking the air in your tires. So, channel your inner dad, or your own dad, and bite the bullet! It’s really easy and affordable.

Can I Get It for My Child Away at School?

You can and you should! Off-campus housing is a prime target for theft. Bikes, laptops, phones — college apartments are full of good loot. And let’s be real, some college kids aren’t known for running a tight ship (other people’s kids, not yours, of course). So, when it comes to water damage, fire risk, doors left unlocked, etc., it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Great! How Do I Get Started?

Apparent has partnered with Homesite, a leading provider of renter’s insurance. Homesite helps customers find the best policy designed to safeguard your changing home, property, and financial needs.
One of our licensed agents can walk you through the process and make it fast and simple.

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