Teen Drivers. The best of times and the worst of times.

Having a teen driver is so awesome (they can run errands for you!) and so terrifying (we don’t have to tell you that), and all you can do is make the best decisions to help protect them. While we’d LOVE to sell you some sort of teen protector bubble or a time machine to make them adorable 4-year-olds again, all we can do is offer you some smart technology and discounts that we designed with our own kids in mind.

At this life stage, your plan could include the discounts and benefits below.

Teen Driver App

Set them free while keeping them safe. This app gives you options for different levels of driver tracking. From speed notifications to GPS tracking to gas usage reports, you can know as little or as much as you want to know about where and how your child is driving.

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Online Drivers Ed with Aceable

Meet the first mobile app made to helps you get your drivers license fast. Skip the classroom and get fast-paced, interactive content made for today’s driving students. Both parent or instructor taught Texas Drivers Ed are supported. Join the 400,000 happy graduates who love this app.

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At-home Mechanic Services with YourMechanic

We know that getting your car to the shop with little ones in tow seems more daunting than scaling Mt. Everest. With YourMechanic the mechanic comes to you!

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Rental Car Match

If you’re in an accident, and your car is totaled or needs repairs, we’ll reimburse you for a rental car that’s as close to your primary car as we can get! If you drive a minivan or SUV, you get a minivan or SUV.

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Upgraded Accident Forgiveness

Chances are your teen driver will get into a minor accident within the first year of driving. That’s life, and we don’t want to penalize you for the way the universe works. Your teen will get one free pass on an accident without us raising any rates.

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Smart Roadside Assistance

If your vehicle has a breakdown, this nationwide digital roadside service intelligently matches you to the nearest available assistance. Get real-time updates and track arrival of the service provider on your smartphone. Plus, you can share your tracking link with family members to monitor your service progress.

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Plus these great discounts are available!

Good Student Discount
If they’re working hard at school, we think they should get a break on their insurance. And if you’re paying their insurance, you deserve a break, too, for raising such a good kid!

Student Away at School
Why should you pay more for a car that isn’t being driven? We’ll add a discount to your policy as long as your student is enrolled at school more than 100 miles away and doesn’t have the vehicle with them.

Spin-Off Policy
When it’s time for them to leave the nest and get their own auto insurance policy. We provide a discount to those who have been on an Apparent Insurance policy.

Other Discounts