Apparently, car insurance has lost its way…

In the race for more and more policies, companies have forgotten their one job — to protect people.

To provide services that help people at every stage of their lives. And no one understands this more than a parent.

It’s a parent whose heart heads out on the highway with a teen driver.It’s a parent who goes the extra mile to make sure a car seat is properly installed.

It’s a parent who doesn’t have time to read gobs of legalese. Tell us the important stuff, concisely.

That’s why we, parents ourselves, started Apparent Insurance: to provide specialized protection for the people who understand the need for it.

From our simple quote process to our hand-in-hand roadside assistance to our canopy of coverage that grows with you, we don’t see you as a policy number.

We see you as a parent.

And you’ll feel it, because the difference is Apparent.