Check out some of these other great discounts and features available with an Apparent policy!

Good Student Discount

If they’re working hard at school, we think they’ve earned a break on their insurance. And if you’re paying their insurance, you deserve a break, too — for raising such a good kid!


Teen Driver App

Set them free while keeping them safe. This app gives you options for different levels of driver tracking, from speed notifications to GPS tracking to gas usage reports. Be in control of knowing as little or as much as you want about where and how your child is driving.


Upgraded Accident Forgiveness

With teen drivers, changes are high they’ll get into a minor accident within their first year of driving. That’s just the name of the game—but it shouldn’t have to mean a hike on your rate. Your teen will get one free pass on an accident without us raising prices.

Is your teen heading to the DMV to test for their driver’s license soon?

You’ll need to get them covered with auto insurance beforehand. Having your child behind the wheel is scary enough — facing the expense of adding them to your policy is something else entirely. Apparent makes getting a quote for your family quick and easy, and maybe not as frightening as you think.

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