Help Your Teen Stay Safe on the Road with Bouncie

Every time your teen leaves the driveway, your heart goes with them. Your mind wanders with thoughts of worry and fear for their safety. “How fast are they driving? Are they hitting the brakes too hard? Will they get home safe?”

That’s why we’re excited to partner with Bouncie! This innovative little device gives your car a voice, letting you know where it is, how fast it’s going, when it needs an emissions check, and so much more.

Your car is smart — very smart. In fact, dozens of computers govern its many systems and, given the right tool, your car has a lot to tell you… and that can help keep your teen safe.

  • Download Bouncie’s mobile app on your phone
  • Set alerts based on the areas your family travels the most
  • Keep track of mileage, speed, safety, and maintenance schedule