Becoming Apparent

Hi, we’re Apparent. And we are so glad you are here!

We like to joke around the office that this company is our baby. For over a year, we’ve worked really hard to do what’s right for it. We’ve dreamed about its future and, like all parents, worried that we’ll do something to mess it up. But most important, we’ve nurtured it and made sacrifices for it and tried to make sure that it has all the support in place to achieve its full potential.

And today, our baby becomes Apparent. What do we love most about it? That it really is an insurance company designed by parents, for parents. As parents who work for an insurance company, we were very aware that no companies out there actually understand what families need.

Insurance, even to us, is kinda complicated and intimidating. And it’s not something that can be solved with some funny commercials or talking animals. An insurance company for families needs to speak clearly, provide shortcuts, and make life easier! Very early in the process, we wrote a mission statement that guides everything we do:


This kind of thinking led us to create a very diverse (and opinionated!) group of parents to advise on all aspects of Apparent. They inspire us, challenge us, and keep us honest. As parents should!



As parents, we know that life changes and families evolve. We have designed Apparent to evolve with its members and the times. We will grow, we will learn, and we will always be focused on treating our members like who they are — family.