Best Cars for Your Teen That Won’t Break the Bank

Getting a driver’s license is an exciting time for a teenager. It means he or she is able to get around without asking for a ride. As a parent, you may want to encourage his or her independence by purchasing a car for your teen. By having a few cars in mind that are reasonably low-cost and safe, you will know how to find a great option for your teen driver.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is a low-cost used vehicle that will help you stay in a budget without giving up on your child’s safety. The small size of the sedan makes it easy for a new driver to get a feel for driving without the complexities of navigating a larger vehicle on small roads. The 2009 to 2011 vehicles offer the convenience of connectivity without any complicated processes to distract young drivers when they are on the road. It allows them to keep their hands on the wheel if they are called while driving. The car’s starting price is slightly more than $6,000, so you can find a Ford Focus that stays within a strict budget.

Toyota RAV-4

If you’re looking for an SUV that will help your teen learn to drive a larger vehicle, then the Toyota RAV-4 is a good option. The SUV is large enough for your teen to get used to driving a larger vehicle, but handles well enough to make it easy for a young driver. The large size makes the vehicle ideal if your teen plans to attend college and needs a larger vehicle to transport items to a dorm room. The 2004 model starts at roughly $5,600, so you can find a vehicle that fits your budget.

Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus is not the most beautiful car out on the road. It will not win cool points for a parent to buy this car. It does have a few benefits when you want to get your teen driver their first vehicle. The car is large and comfortable, which is ideal if your teen is tall or needs a little extra room. It also handles well, despite the larger size, which is ideal for a new driver. The key advantage of the Ford Taurus is the low cost of maintaining the car. It does not have a high maintenance cost or high insurance costs, so it will help your teen keep expenses down while attending college or finishing up high school.

Buick Verano

The Buick Verano is a small car that will work well for any teen driver. It has a high safety rating and is a very reliable vehicle. The 2014 and 2015 models of the vehicle are relatively low-cost, but come with added safety features like backup cameras and blind spot monitoring systems, which reduce the risk of your teen getting into an accident.

Toyota Camry

If your goal is finding a reliable and durable car for your teen driver, then the Toyota Camry is a good choice. The car has two primary benefits when it comes to teen drivers: it is dependable and easy to handle. The mid-size vehicle also has the space your teen needs to grow into the vehicle through high school and college, so you can feel confident that he or she will not need to replace the car shortly after moving into a dorm. The 2015 model and newer models come standard with backup cameras. Since it is possible to add safety features to the vehicle, you can find some used Toyota Camry models with blind spot monitoring and forward collision warning for additional safety.

Ford Fusion

The Ford Fusion is a good car for a teen if you want to cut back on gas costs while giving your teen a little more freedom and independence. The car has a hybrid option available to reduce gas costs, though you will find that the hybrid is more expensive than the traditional version of the car. The vehicle has Bluetooth connectivity and voice commands to reduce the risk of your teen getting into an accident while trying to answer a phone call. The controls in the car are simple, which makes it a good choice for a new driver.

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord has a reputation for reliability. That makes it a good vehicle for a teen driver because it will continue to run with proper maintenance for years. It gives your teenager a chance to get used to driving and continue working with the same vehicle while working through college or starting out a new career after high school. The vehicle has a four-cylinder engine, so it does not use as much gas as some of the larger vehicles. It still maintains a status as a large vehicle due to the roomy and comfortable interior of the car. With proper maintenance, the car can run for as much as 100,000 miles or more, so it is a good car to get your teen started.

As a parent, you have a few concerns about your teen getting behind the wheel. His or her inexperience as a driver raises concerns about the possibility of an accident, so you want a car with a high safety rating. You also want to make sure it will stay within your budget. The key is finding a balance between reliability, cost and safety so that you feel comfortable giving the car to your teen driver.