2019 Family Cars for Hip Parents

Offering a plethora of family-friendly features, the allure of the minivan is strong. From trunk space to legroom, from their high seating capacities, to a plethora of cup holders—it’s no wonder that most parents find themselves at one point or another having The Talk about whether a minivan is right for them.

But despite their utilitarian appeal, minivans aren’t exactly known for being fashionable. If you’re looking for a hip family vehicle that delivers the functionality of the minivan without giving off that same “soccer mom” vibe, here are some options worth considering:

For families who need space:

Volkswagen Atlas

A stylish midsize SUV with a lot to offer, the Atlas has three rows of seating, with the back two rows folding down to give you 96.8 cubic feet of storage space. Not only can the second row accommodate three car seats, the third row is also roomy enough to comfortably fit your grown-up friends, too. Its above average fuel economy, hands-free hatch open, 17 cup holders, and USB ports throughout make the Atlas a practical choice for families.

Ford Expedition

Built off the F-150 pickup platform, this large SUV provides all the space you could need, along with top of the line safety features. The Expedition’s three rows can seat up to eight, while delivering ample cargo space. Three car seats fit in the second row with the bench seat, and two additional car seats can fit in the captain’s chairs. Safety features include the ability to limit stereo volume or prevent it from turning on until all seat belts are buckled, as well as the option to set a maximum speed. The Expedition also has the highest possible crash test rating.

Subaru Ascent

If you love the safety features and reliability of a Subaru, say hello to the biggest Subaru ever. This three-row SUV can seat up to eight passengers. Like all Subarus, the Ascent comes standard with all-wheel drive. In addition to its outstanding safety features and roomy cabin, the Ascent offers a whopping nineteen cup holders (That’s more than two cup holders per person!), lots of cargo space, underfloor storage, and impressive towing capacity.

For families who need a compact vehicle:

Acura RDX

This luxury crossover SUV with two rows can seat five. Its 272-horsepower engine makes it a powerful vehicle that delivers a smooth ride. In addition to its roomy seats with cargo space to spare, the Acura boasts exceptional safety features and can be programmed to send alerts when the car is driven past a certain time of night, above a certain speed, or outside of a designated geographic area, making it an appealing choice for teen drivers or caregivers.

Subaru Outback

There is a lot to love about the Outback! This sporty wagon offers two rows with seating for five, and features: standard all-wheel drive, spacious seats, great visibility, ample cargo space, a rooftop rack, and an impressive set of tech and safety features that come standard.

Honda HRV

If you’re looking to minimize your vehicle’s size while maximizing your cargo space, the HRV is for you! Like the Outback, the HRV is a two-row compact SUV that seats five and offers nearly 60 cubic feet of cargo space. In addition to its versatile storage space, the HRV has standout crash test ratings and is a fuel-efficient option.

Ford Edge

Ford recently upped the Edge’s safety features with: automated emergency braking, forward-collision warning, blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, lane keep assist, and automatic high beams all coming standard. Two rows seat five comfortably, and the back row is big enough for three car seats! The Edge also offers decent cargo space, and above-average fuel economy.

For families who want a budget-friendly option:


Frequently called a “mini minivan”, this is a zippy ride that feels much sportier than your average minivan. Its three-row seating accommodates up to six, and sliding doors make loading and unloading car seats a breeze!

Kia Soul

If you’re looking for a compact SUV with lots of personality, spaciousness, and comfortability, check out the Kia Soul! The funky Soul is known for being a reliable, user-friendly ride. It seats five with plenty of space for passengers and cargo, and the back seat can accommodate two car seats.