Quick Gift Ideas for Dad

Let’s face it: some of us have dads that are hard to shop for. Your go-to gifts (various tool kits, grilling accoutrements, and sports memorabilia) are tired and worn out, and nobody likes to get the same gifts year after year. So what are you supposed to do? Give him a card…or just a hug? No way! We have a hunch that he’ll be pumped about these awesome accessories to spruce up his other baby…his car!

Magnetic Phone Mount

Make sure your dad stays safe and keeps his eyes up when driving by getting him a magnetic mount for his cell phone. The mount installs on the dash or on the air vent, and will keep his phone in his eye-line while driving. That way, he can safely see when he’s getting a call from you without having to look down at his phone.

Seat Gap Filler

Ever dropped something between the seats of your car? It’s one of the more annoying things that can happen in your vehicle that isn’t driving related, and we bet your dad has had this problem, too. Save him a ton of frustration and get him a gap filler for Father’s Day. He’ll never have to try to squeeze his hand underneath the seat to find anything again.

In-Car Trash Can

If your dad is always giving you a hard time about receipts and wrappers on your car floor, then this gift will show him that you’ve learned your lesson (and isn’t that the greatest gift?). There are a variety of these on the market, so you can choose which one would work best for him. A mini trash can that installs in the cup holder? Or how about a larger one that mounts on the back of the center console or passenger seat? Whichever one you pick, it will ensure that dad’s car is always spic and span.

LED Cup Holder Coasters

If you’ve ever driven at night (which you most likely have), then you know what a pain it can be to fumble around in the dark for your water bottle, thermos, or to-go cup. Trying to put your cup back in the cup holder in the dark is also a painful experience, especially if your beverage is hot. Let’s help dad out a little! LED coasters for his cup holders are the perfect solution, and they look super sleek. The coasters turn on automatically once the lighting is dim enough, and after they sense vibrations telling them the car is on. Once the vibrations stop, they also turn off automatically after 15 seconds so he won’t have to worry about switching them off.

Fire Missiles Cigarette Lighter

Depending on what car your dad owns, it may still have a cigarette lighter in it. If so, he might enjoy this fun gadget. Simply replace the car’s lighter with this bright red one inscribed with the direction “FIRE MISSILES”. Even if your dad doesn’t smoke, we bet he’ll at least have fun pressing the button and pretending he’s 007, launching missile deterrents at enemies of The Crown.

LED Interior Lights

Okay, so admittedly this one is a little out there, but just roll with it for a second: did your dad ever want to be an astronaut when he was little? Well for Father’s Day you can give him the feeling of piloting his own spaceship! LED Interior Lights install under the dash and can be changed to a variety of colors. There are even some that sync to music so he can provide his own soundtrack for his road trip through the galaxy!


Whether they’re utilitarian or just-for-fun, there are a ton of car accessories on the market that your dad would be plenty excited to receive for Father’s Day. And the fact that they’re from you will always make them that much more special!